Issue 3: November

The Holiday Season is upon us!

We want to help you spread the gift of games. At the bottom of this email, you will find a link to a preorder google form. November 20th is the deadline to get your pre-order in! Then I will deliver the games to you after they come in! And here's the Best part. If you order $75 in games, you will get a FREE Hanabi for yourself and your family!

The Origin Story

I grew up playing games,

As mom says "You monoplied us to death." But she was pretty awesome as we played hi-ho cherrio, 500 rummy, scategories, and boggle quite often. I started playing DnD in the 4th grade and loved it. By 6th grade, HeroQuest (cause DnD was the devil.) Once I got my license and a rock band I mostly quit playing.

Fast Forward.

Sheena and I were in Toys-r-Us and looking at these weird new games. A young couple pointed out Ticket To Ride, and said we should buy it if we're thinking of getting a game. So we did.

145 games later, we're trying to open a game store/book store/coffee shop.

How Dice Riot Started

Some teachers and I were meeting at the Bagel Bistro for some book discussions, ya know, cause we're education nerds too. There I met the infamous Mr. Motz. I commented on the name of one of his bagels, The Rhino Hero. He admitted being into gaming and gingerly mentioned a magical place known as Adepticon. After I informed him that I too had been to Adepticon, he squealed like a teenage girl and we started talking about war games. I introduced him into Gaslands and we decided to give the game a go. I figured since we were playing and I was trying to get a media team going at school I'd record our game play. That led to the need for a YouTube channel name. And that's how we got the name Dice Riot.

Getting your Family and Friends hooked!

I love going out as much as the next person, but there is little better value than board games. Kids at school like to scoff at the price of a $60 board game while they willingly pay that much for a video game. I then remind them what GameStop will pay for their old game and system after a year. Board games, if taken care of, will appreciate. On date night, you can easily drop $50-100, but for board games, that same money can cover many nights of game play. Board gaming is an experience like any other. But in today's mobile game/social media world, Board Gaming has a new purpose. UNPLUGGED ENGAGEMENT!

Board gaming brings people together for shared story telling experiences.

I hope you are having as much fun as we are!

November Game of the Month

7 Wonders Duel is a 2 play strategy game that plays in about 20-30 minutes. Gather resources, increase your civilization's warfare or technology, and try to build the world's 7 Wonders.

This game allows multiple pathways to victory!

Crush your opponents in Military Strength.

Outwit your opponent by Advancing in Science.

Outscore your opponent based on the development of your city.

7 Wonders duel is a Board Game Geek, top 20 user rated game!

Make your purchase

7 Wonders Duel


Just Released!

Pandemic Legacy, Season 0

Game Style:

War and Skirmish Games

Every month I'll highlight a different style of games. :)

There are many different styles of games to match your interest level. One type of game that is unfamiliar to most and links into my Adepticon story is War and Skirmish games.

War and Skirmish games involve models or trays of models moving across a larger area. The play area can have terrain and obstacles that the armies have to deal with. War games can last many hours, while a skirmish game can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours.

This style of play originated with real military strategy. It evolved into a game system about the 1950's as people tried to recreate famous battles. Today there are still historically 'accurate' games such as Fate of a Nation, or fantasy based like Frostgrave and Arena Rex, or Futuristic based like Gaslands or StarWars Legion. Let's not forget the most famous, Warhammer 40,000.

Often these games have a hobby and collectable aspect. Players will spend time assembling and painting armies, terrain, and sharing them online with others. Seriously Serastro on Youtube, is the Bob Ross of Mini Painting.

Free Hanabi with Pre-Order over $75

Hanabi is the cooperative game where you try to build and launch fireworks, without blowing yourself up. This game has traveled hundreds of miles with me as we went to Sea Perch National competitions! It's pocket sized but packed full of strategy. You see, in Hanabi, you have a hand of cards, but the cards are faced backwards where your teammates can see them and you cannot. The cards come in 5 colors and are numbered 1-5. A turn consists of playing a card, discarding a card, or giving a clue to another player. The clue may be a number clue or a color clue, but not both.

You have to play cards in the correct color pile and in the correct order without goofing up. Each goof up makes the Fuse get shorter. You have 3 lengths of the fuse before you blow yourselves up and end the game. The game has a point system where you are trying to beat your previous hi-score.

You will also learn how much you and your friends/family will allow cheating.

This is an incredibly challenging game, and so much fun!

Pre-order $75 or more to get your copy!