Issue Two: October


The leaves are changing, the zombies are coming. It's a time for Dead of Winter, Kingdom Death: Monster, Gloom, Abomination, Werewolf, Horrified and Ravenloft. Such a lovely time of the year!

More New Stock!

The Basement is filling up!

Yes, we're still in the basement, but the room is filling up! I set up my third Game rack and after tomorrow's shipment I'll have to add at least 1 more! If anyone would like to visit the basement (and dodge nerf bullets on the way) just give a holler!

Want some cool puzzles for this winter?

We started carrying puzzles! I still have a Rick and Morty 'Shy Pooper' puzzle, and a Friday the 13th, Jason's Mask, puzzle! I'm reaching out to new puzzle distributors to see what I can get. It's slim pickings right now because of the covid. But expect to see more puzzles in the future!

Star Wars Legion

War games and Skirmish games are a great way to spend a few hours. I really enjoy games like Frostgrave, Gaslands, A Song of Ice and Fire, Arena Rex, and recently started playing Star Wars Legion. It's a great game to dive into if you love Star Wars! Core Sets may seem a little pricey ($99) but they're a big box with lots of minis. Part of the fun of these games is the building, painting, and customization of your armies.

There are currently 2 core sets, the Rebels vs the Empire and the Clone Wars. Each core set is supplemented by smaller expansions that help you build up your army and crush your opposition! What I like about legion is the unique way you determine the table set up and objectives. Starting Monday, I'll have quit of bit of Legion in stock. I'm hoping we have enough interest to start up an Dice Riot Legion League! Tournaments for the fate of the empire!


The Mind is this month's Game of the Month!

How to play? Play cards, in order, from 1 to 100.

Sounds easy right? Now try it without talking,

you can only read each other's minds!

Super easy to learn, difficult to master. Only $12.99

Select Games are now Buy 2,

get 1 free!

(until stock or time runs out!)

This is a great way to stock up on your personal stores or get ready for the holiday season. These games are part of the Asmodee North America's Top Seller's program. See the Flyer above

Drawing for $30 gift card

We've reached 700 followers on facebook and are increasing in our following on Instagram. The email list is our way to reach out to those who are not into, or taking a break from social media. To celebrate reaching 700, one of you lucky email subscribers will win a $30 gift card.

and the winner is....Abigail Ehringer!

You have 30 minutes (35 minutes if it's your birthday) to claim your prize

(ok, just kidding about the time thing.)

Contact me and we will figure out how you want to spend your $30.

Oh yea, We can do gift cards for presents too, just let me know how much. :)

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