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Quarantine is only one step away from Zombie Invasion!

Finding yourself awaiting co-vid test results so you can return to work or school? Intentionally stub your toe so you can take 14 days off work because you're not sure if a stubbed toe is a symptom or not? Want a break from the real world?

Me too.

Enter the now classic game, Dead of Winter.

You and your fellow survivors are trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse during the Dead of Winter. There is no food, no heat, and no chance of survival. (seriously, we die almost every time.)

Dead of Winter is a Cooperative game with a traitor mechanic. Each player has their own win conditions in addition to the team winning condition. A traitor, which MAY be shuffled into the roles, has a particularly nasty win condition. The though that someone isn't playing fair takes this game to a new level!

Definitely one of my all time favorite games.

This game shines at 5 player count, but can play 2-5.

Do you and your crew have what it takes to survive the Dead of Winter? (or quarantine?)

Looking for something on the lighter side?

Animal upon Animal is a 2-4 player stacking game by HABA.

Players take turns rolling a dice. The dice will tell them how many wooden animals they have to stack on the alligators back or if they get to make someone else stack an sheep on its back instead! Though meant to be a game for kids and families, we adults have spent many late nights stacking and cursing as our tower of animals comes crumbling down.

Animal upon animal is a simple game that requires patience and skill and is never disappointing.

Do you have the skill necessary to outlast the other competitors and get rid of all their animals?

Watergate, by Capstone Games

The Watergate scandal was a political scandal in the United States involving the administration of U.S. President Richard Nixon from 1972 to 1974 that led to Nixon's resignation. Now in board game form.

A game for 2 players. One plays as the investigators trying to connect the evidence to Nixon. The other player plays as the Nixon administration and does their darndest to disrupt the investigation.

Which side will you choose?

Think you can read minds?

Did you know this was September's Game of the Month?

Do you want to put that to the test? You can with the game Medium, a Mind Reading Party Game.

1. Two people will play a card with word from their hand.

2. The two people will stare intently into each other's brains.

3. Countdown 3, 2, 1... And they both say the word that would be the MIDDLE or connecting word between the two words. If they can do it, they score points.

Play then passes to the next pair.

How does this work? Lets say the two words were "Match" and "Tent" the the Middle word could be "Campfire"

This game is full of "I could have guessed that!" or "I never even considered that!"

Can you read minds?


Game of the Month

Medium, the Mind Reading Card Game




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