DiceRiot is currently a basement business. We have over 125 games in stock and will deliver or mail games.

Our goal is to support families and gamers and help them find fun and laughter in tabletop games.

For our first year, we are joining forces with the Bagel Bistro and operate as a game store a few nights a week. (We haven't started game nights yet, due to CoVid.)

What's in Stock!

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Coffee Drinks!

What goes great with games? Coffee!

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Used Books

Who doesn't love books?

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Maker Space

Let's Make Games, 3d Model, Terrain and More!

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Learn to Paint and More!

Family Friendly Game Store

We do have a code of conduct in our store. We welcome gamers of all types and ages to enjoy their time at Dice Riot.

If you don't play nicely, you may be asked to leave.

We're looking for a home

Dice Riot is currently looking for a building to call home in French Lick, Indiana

Dice Riot is currently forming under it's own L.L.C. We will be able to sell games once our tax ID info comes in.

Contact: Chad Goldman, 812-865-6566